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Easy Pineapple Lemonade -Delicious And Refreshing

May 20, 2020

This refreshing sweet delight is your perfect to-go drink for the spring and summer. This easy Pineapple Lemonade is your new best friend this spring and summer. Perfect refreshment for hot summer days, this drink will boost up your energy levels-it’s packed with sugar- and it will refresh you so much, it’s incredible.

It’s super delicious, kind of healthy, and perfect for all kinds of parties like kids’ birthdays, and baby showers. This drink is a party favorite- kids and adults both love it.

And it’s so easy to prepare, it’s ridiculous. It only takes 5 minutes to make it and always such a hit. You’ll need only a couple of ingredients, and the result is amazing.

So sweet, so tangy, so refreshing, and just so amazingly tropical.

When life gives you lemons, you don’t just do lemonade- You do Pineapple Lemonade.

How To Prepare Pineapple Lemonade



  • 1 Cup Country Time Lemonade Mix/ or homemade lemonade
  • 3 Cups Cold Water
  • 1 Can of chilled pineapple juice
  • 2 Cans of Sprite or 7UP

Tips and Notes

If you are bothered by how sugary this drink is, we recommend opting for a homemade lemonade instead of the Country Time mix.

For a healthier touch, add half a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger.

If you want to make this drink a little ‘Irish‘ we recommend vodka or cachaca, you can try gin as well.

Step 1

Mix all of the ingredients in a pitcher.

Step 2

Chill for one hour.

Step 3

Pour the drink in already chilled glasses. And decorate with fresh pineapple or a cute umbrella.

That’s it. Easy as that. You can make it anytime for any occasion, your friends will love it, your family will love it, and we are sure that you will absolutely love it. So, how do you like pineapples?

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